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postheadericon Fun American Slots Sites in 2016

It is still possible for US players to play real money slots online in 2016. A lot of the former slots sites that I used to go on have changed ownership multiple times and are no longer recommended if you plan on depositing money and want to eventually cash out your winnings. This is an unfortunate side effect from the multiple years that the banks and payment processors have created difficulties for these websites to send and receive money.

Some of the American sites have changed rules or have unfair practices that has hurt players in the recent past. Some of the casinos that I used to play at are now considered “rogue”. That means you won’t be having any fun if you win. This …» Continue Reading: Fun American Slots Sites in 2016

postheadericon Online Progressive Jackpots

Nothing is more entertaining, exciting, or seductive than a progressive slots jackpot ticker. Progressive slot machines are almost always networked together, and a tiny percentage of each wager is added to a constantly growing jackpot which is higher than any single slots game could ever have if it weren’t networked with the other games.

Some progressive slots have huge jackpots. And when we use the word “huge”, we’re talking about life-changing amounts of money. Major Millions is one online progressive jackpot that often reaches $1 million or more, but it’s always at least a six figure amount. (Major Millions is more or less the answer to the land-based casino slot machine Mega Millions.)

Some online casinos tie all of their slot machine games into one …» Continue Reading: Online Progressive Jackpots

postheadericon Budget Slots on the Internet

So you’re looking for a cheap way to get your gambling thrills on the Internet. If you want an affordable, simple to understand method of gambling on the Internet, then you need to explore the world of budget slot machines.

In theory, you have better odds of winning if you play online slots. An online casino will have a lower slot machine operational cost as compared to land-based casinos. Because online software programs are cheaper to run than the big flashy and noisy machines you find and brick and mortar casinos, online casinos typically have better payout percentages.

Free slots are available online. While free slots might seem like a contradiction in terms, thousands of people are playing free slots online at …» Continue Reading: Budget Slots on the Internet

Unfortunately we can't cover every topic in depth on this site, but we have found some great resources who do. For some help with bitcoin betting and the places to find the best bitcoin slots online check out MBC for all the details. For the best real money casino in the USA go check out our friends at RMOC today.

postheadericon Effective Slots Tips

To have an effective slot game, here are some slots tips that you can use in your next slot gaming venture:

First, you should know your expectations when it comes to slot gambling. This is very important because deciding what you want will certainly affect your game. If you want to win huge jackpots, you should try your luck on progressive slots. From there, you should determine the bankroll that you intend to play.

There are players that play longer in one slot machine because they have the notion that the longer they play a particular slot machine, their chances of hitting the jackpots become higher, too. In this case, before you continue your slot game, it would be better if you carefully consider the …» Continue Reading: Effective Slots Tips

postheadericon Reinforcing Your Slot Machine Strategy

If you are interested in playing slot machines with a gambling strategy, it most surely can be done at some of the websites listed at There are several books that all offer excellent money management and machine selection tips, which are very important aspects of any betting strategy. However, simply learning the proper strategy techniques is only the first step. The idea is to consistently win at the slot machines. And there is no better way to do this than by reinforcing the knowledge you have learned from a strategy.

That being said, the very first thing you should do is make a reference card listing the main points and tips of your playing strategy. No matter how good you …» Continue Reading: Reinforcing Your Slot Machine Strategy